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cuby is building a globally scalabe PMS platform for co-living and co-working assets. Our platform focuses on enabling genuine community experiences and transforms how physical space in these assets is used.

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The best serviced apartment provider in NYC
The best serviced apartment provider in LA
The best serviced apartment provider in Berlin
The best serviced apartment provider in Moscow
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rethinking property management

The cuby PMS platform represents a new way of thinking about property operations. We're utterly driven by creating ecosystems for co-living and co-working truly built on community-centric and data-driven models. The cuby OS caters to a multi-asset co-living and co-working asset setup not only with vastly superior and automated back-end capability, an interface truly unheard of in the industry, and a far superior end-user experience through a host of B2B and B2C functionality.

cuby focuses on a future of living and working that is dynamic, collaborative, flexible, homely and powered by data, analytics and deeply integrated tech, empowering neighbors to live and work next to each other like never before. In a time where the line between our private and professional lives is increasingly blurred and mainstream society feels more isolated than ever before, the value of bringing people together in physical space cannot be overstated.

rethinking physical

creating local communities in global society

Community-centred ecosystems are the future of real estate. In a time where mainstream society feels more isolated than ever before, cuby packages a layered, data-driven approach to managing real estate assets into a highly scalable, automated and digital model, resulting in a truly unique market positioning.

Community living

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cuby focuses heavily on analytics and incorporates these into the B2B SaaS platform; this covers the development of an array of analytics tools, enabling the extensive collection and quantitative analysis of smart residential usage data.

What results is an entirely new data spectrum; cuby develops competency in capturing smart data about life and the insights that result not only bear immense value simply as data points but have the potential to steer decision making in the real estate and construction industry.

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Our platform is a highly scalable and widely applicable cloud platform which offers a turnkey solution for a number of CRE uses.


hybrid solutions

student housing

assisted living

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our platform

Our SaaS platform is a cloud-based subscription-model which enables CRE owners to implement a comprehensive management and operating model solution specifically tailored to their assets. cuby creates a symbiosis between a digital ecosystem and physical space as only a combination of the two maximises also the social benefits there are to be gained.

analytic insights

AI-based modelling

operations backbone

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